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Solution for seller, print shop sell personalizer print on demand products on WooCommerce and Shopify!

InkGo - Personalizer any POD products With Live Preview

Easy and fast start sell personalizer product on WooCommerce, Shopify

You are Seller?

Sell any Products

One click import product from Printful, CustomCat, DreamShip, WC-fulfillment... or add new your products. You can sell any type of product on your store.

Live Preview

Your customer can change text, photo and can see a live preview of their personalization they feel better about the buying experience and trust you.

Print ready

InkGo automatic create file output with design of your customer and saved in your order. All files is print ready production with 300 dpi PNG.

Supported Platforms

Supported WooCommerce, Shopify and you can use any theme of Shopify, WooCommerce. InkGo works on any device (desktop, mobile device iOS or Android)


Connect your store to InkGo and sell product personalizer

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InkGo Pricing Plan

Start free selling with online product designer on your website.


Create your first store

$0.00/ mo
  • 10 orders / month
  • Additional fees $0.25/order
  • Free 1 GB Storage
  • Additional fees $0.1/1GB/Mo
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Starting a new business

$19.00/ mo
  • 100 orders / month
  • Additional fees $0.19/order
  • Free 5 GB Storage
  • Additional fees $0.1/GB/Mo
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Growing your business

$49.00/ mo
  • 350 orders / month
  • Additional fees $0.14/order
  • Free 12 GB Storage
  • Additional fees $0.1/1GB/Mo
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Scaling your business

$99.00/ mo
  • 1000 orders / month
  • Additional fees $0.1/order
  • Free 30 GB Storage
  • Additional fees $0.1/1GB/Mo
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Question and answer

You will get quotation of free order quantity for each plan. We will charge additional fees on each order if your order quantity is over the limit.
We care about your design loading speed, you will throw away your worries about server or connection because all of data about product base image, design thumb image, customer upload image will be located on our cloud hosting. All of your product will be loading through CDN, your site will be faster and stronger. But our storage has limit, so you will be free some storage according to your chosen plan. When your storage reach over the limit, we will charge a fee by your using data.
Now we only accept payment via PayPal
Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to cancel a plan that you already paid for. If you pay month to month, the cancellation will go into effect at the end of the month. But we allow you use free with 10 orders/month.
All your site will continue works in 20 next days but you can't download file output of print and after 20 days system stopped works on your site.

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