Personalizer POD Products and Fulfillment

Sell personalizer print on demand products on WooCommerce and Shopify and automatic send order to your fulfillment!

Personalizer With Live Preview and Automatic fulfillment

Integrates with Printful, CustomCat, DreamShip, WC-fulfillment...and any your fulfillment service

import custom products

One click import product from Printful, CustomCat, DreamShip, WC-fulfillment... or add new your products. You can sell any type of product on your store.

Sell your design

Your customer can change text, photo and can see a live preview of their personalization they feel better about the buying experience and trust you.

Order and file print

InkGo automatic create file output with text, photo of your customer and saved in order of your store. This file is print ready.

Automatic fulfillment

Automatic send order with file print to your fulfillment service and update tracking order to your store.

Awesome Demo Screenshots

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